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Oslo European Green Capital 2019

The European Commission awarded Oslo the prestigious European Green Capital title for 2019. This page contains information on the city's ambitions for 2019, selected events, how to contact us and media material for the press.
Picture of two cyclists on a gravel road heading towards the camera
Photo: Clare Keogh/Europakommisjonen

This website is under development. During the Autumn of 2018, we are developing a comprehensive site – telling the full story of why Oslo won the European Green Capital Award and the entire programme for 2019.

About Oslo European Green Capital 2019

Being the European Green Capital in 2019 is a great recognition and an opportunity to showcase Oslo as a truly Green City both in the international context and to Oslo’s population.

As European Green Capital 2019, Oslo has taken on an important task: To be a role model to other cities. Oslo is small enough to test new solutions. However, Oslo is also big enough for our solutions to be scaled up to larger cities. In 2019 we will invite the world to Oslo – to share and to learn.

Results that count
We will use 2019 to spread knowledge, inspire and mobilize our citizens - to amp up the volume and achieve more results, faster.

The municipality itself accounts for less than 10 percent of emissions in Oslo. Thus, we need the entire city on board in order to reach our goal of reducing emissions by 95 % by 2030.

You can read more about Oslo's climate goals here in our Climate budget. For further information about why Oslo won, read Oslo’s European Green Capital Award application and Technical Assessment.

The programme - main international events

The event programme for 2019 is a collaborative effort. We have invited grass root organisations, the business community and academic institutions to become partners, by participating with events in the official programme.

The result is more than 160 partners, and more than 350 events so far – ranging from big conferences for a professional, international audience, to small neighbourhood events for locals. The aim is to engage the entire city.

The programme was launched on September 25th, and will be continuously updated.

It will soon be translated in its entirety. In the meantime, these are some samples of events aimed at an international audience:

Urban Future Global Conference
The worlds biggest conference on sustainable urban development.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

Nordic Electric Vehicle
Confererence on electrification of the transport sector on land, in sea and air.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

Oslo Innovation Week

The biggest conference on innovation in northern Europe, with green innvovation in focus.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

Nordic Biogas Conference
About Nordic biogas solutions for a global market.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

Nor-Shipping 2019
On sustainable solutions for the marine business.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

World Green Infrastructure Congress

On climate smart infrastructure, green roofs and nature based solutions.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

IFLA World Congress 2019
The 56th World Congress for landscape architecture. On compact and healthy cities.
See event details (in English at the end of article)

Bilde av benker på et utsiktspunkt på Ekeberg med Barcode og Oslo i bakgrunnen.
Foto: Bjørbekk & Lindheim


If you have a general question or comment, please email the secretariat at: greencapital@oslo.kommune.no
Main switchboard: +47 21 80 21 80

Press contacts

The communications team answers questions regarding Oslo European Green Capital 2019. We also assist accredited members of international media in setting up interviews or organize press trips related to the City of Oslo’s climate and environmental work.

Marianne Alfsen
Head of Communications
Email: marianne.alfsen@byr.oslo.kommune.no
Mobile: +47 92 02 56 73

Kristin Stormo
Communications Adviser
Email: kristin.stormo@byr.oslo.kommune.no
Mobile: +47 48 15 51 34

Study visits

We organize study visits for international delegations with a special interest in The City of Oslo's climate and environmental work. Please contact our study visit coordinator for further information.

Johan Verbeek Wolthuys
Study Visit Coordinator
Email: johan.wolthuys@byr.oslo.kommune.no
Mobile: +47 48 64 33 62

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